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Looking for a DevOps team that can propel your development and operations to the next level? Look no further! Our seasoned DevOps experts are your catalyst for success.


Ready to supercharge your operations with top-tier Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) expertise? Look no further. Our SRE team is your ticket to unparalleled reliability, performance, and scalability.

Platform Engineering

Unleash the full potential of your digital platform with our expert Platform Engineering team. We are your architects of scalability, reliability, and innovation. Partner with us today!

Infrastructure Automation

Unlock the power of streamlined development and operations with our advanced DevOps Infrastructure Automation Solutions. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming tasks and hello to efficient, error-free processes.

Automation Tooling

Elevate your business efficiency with our cutting-edge automation tooling solutions. Say farewell to time-consuming, repetitive tasks, and embrace our streamlined, error-free workflows. 


Implementing GitOps is the strategic move for businesses ready to revolutionize their development and operations. By adopting GitOps, you're embracing a paradigm shift in managing infrastructure, applications, and configurations.

Disaster Recovery

When it comes to safeguarding your business from unexpected disruptions, our SRE Disaster Recovery Solutions are your ultimate shield. Our Site Reliability Engineers are on a mission to ensure your data and services are not just recoverable but back online swiftly, minimising downtime.


Elevate your operational prowess with our SRE Centralised Monitoring Solutions. Our Site Reliability Engineers are laser-focused on providing you with a comprehensive view of your systems, applications, infrastructure and services, all in one place.


For unparalleled insight and control over your system's health and performance, our SRE Centralised Logging, SIEM and Data Management Solutions are your essential toolkit. Our Site Reliability Engineers are dedicated to helping you streamline your data management process, ensuring that you have easy access to critical data when you need it.


Simplify the complexity and fortify your cybersecurity strategy with our Platform Engineering Team. We're dedicated to transforming intricate security challenges into streamlined, user-friendly solutions allowing your development team to implement enterprise grade strategies easily.

Regulation and compliance

Navigating complex regulatory compliance requirements can be daunting, but our Platform Engineering Team is here to simplify the journey. We have many years specialising in transforming intricate regulatory issues into straightforward, user-friendly solutions, making compliance a breeze through clever technology solutions.

Architectural and engineering best practices

Embark on a seamless journey to Cloud excellence with our Platform Engineering Team. We excel at distilling the intricacies of technical best practices into accessible, user-friendly solutions, making the adoption of advanced Cloud architectures a straightforward endeavour.

Having an SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) team can play a crucial role in mitigating the challenge of not having enough engineering resources to run efficient and scalable operations. Mesoform’s team can be available for whole projects or on-demand whichever matches your unique requirements.
A dedicated Platform Engineering team's experience can significantly contribute to the successful implementation of technical infrastructure while saving money. By leveraging the expertise of a Mesoform’s dedicated Platform Engineering team, you’ll be able to implement technical infrastructure that is not only robust and reliable but also optimised for cost-efficiency.
Leveraging a dedicated DevOps and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) team can be instrumental in addressing and reducing issues arising from poor observability of your apps and infrastructure. Mesoform’s team of engineers have years of experience building and optimising these systems in wuickly and can adapt to your unique situation through dedicating long-term effort for large projects or on-demand to resolve short-term problems.
Mesoform's dedicated Platform Engineering team leverage open source and cloud solutions to prevent proprietary technologies from making system updates or acquisitions expensive, incompatible, and complex. Our team incorporate cloud-agnostic architecture and foster a culture of flexibility and adaptability to support your unique requirements by supporting issues as they arise, on-demand; or by working closely with your development team on larger platform architecture solutions.
Leveraging a dedicated Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team can play a crucial role in preventing the loss of information due to under par monitoring, and a lack of good business intelligence systems that hinders system improvements. Our proactive approach not only ensures system reliability and efficiency but also contributes to better decision-making and operational excellence.
Having a team of experienced technical engineers available on demand or for dedicated projects can be a valuable solution for businesses facing challenges in hiring and retaining up-to-date senior in-house technical experts who are often expensive and scarce. Our approach to managing engineering resource allows you to adapt to changing project requirements, control costs, and access specialised skills to drive success in a dynamic and competitive business landscape.
DevOps solutions can be instrumental in overcoming the limitations of old infrastructure and outdated technology, thereby enabling your company to achieve growth milestones and foster innovation. Mesoform’s DevOps team incorporate modern DevOps practices and solutions to provide the agility and efficiency needed to overcome the challenges posed by managing old infrastructure and technologies.
By actively engaging with development teams and providing the necessary tools, guidance, and resources, a dedicated Platform Engineering team can help prevent this. Mesoform’s experienced team of engineers can help by working closely with your technology team to deliver a specific set of requirements or on-demand as cases arise for your unique demands.

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How We Work

Our most common engagement model involves our team working a project-based delivery model around a statement of work (SOW) assessment. We also offer a request-based service, which allows you to supplement your in-house developers and offload tasks which don't fit into the functional requirements of their work.

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Our pricing model is tailored to your specific needs, recognising the unique nature of each business and technical solution. With our extensive experience we understand that few scenarios are alike, so we have adapable services with highly competitive rates which enable us to find a solution that meets your budget and achieve faster and superior outcomes.

Other Factors

Keep in mind that We will need to spend time with some key people from the technology team. CTO, architects, lead engineers. For the initial assessment, the current state of how your technology development and operations are working at a high level. After which, we can probably look to start some tasks which could be quick wins.

World-class engineering initiatives

As a renowned and highly esteemed enterprise, Mesoform has dedicated decades to constructing and managing systems and platforms that ensure the seamless and efficient operation of IT services. Our commitment to quality is evident through our partnership with Google and the recognition of our lead technologist as a global champion of innovation in cloud technologies—a distinction held by only ~600 individuals worldwide.

Mesoform engineers have spearheaded world-class engineering initiatives for some of the largest corporations globally. This includes guiding a heavily regulated company through its cloud journey, transforming its technology from just an idea to the largest, global Google Cloud implementation and likely one of the largest across all cloud providers. To illustrate the magnitude, our platform dynamically scaled with over a million new virtual machines every month to meet user demand

Experience Speaks Through Our Clients’ Testimonials


"[We] can highly recommend Mesoform as an IT specialist consultancy having brought in a Zabbix consultant to help deliver our monitoring solution.

We were very impressed with their level of technical knowledge and also their ability to offer support in other areas of our infrastructure.

We were provided with regular detailed updates and documentation throughout and found the consultant to be highly professional and adaptable.

Overviews and training were also given and recommendations on best practise and future service improvements."


We (Consilience Ventures / PK2M) approached Mesoform last year, and quickly identified that their staff were composed of highly skilled individuals.Our infrastructure is heterogenous to say the least, yet the Mesoform consultants took on the task of sanitising it and improving it in an agile fashion, showing progress weekly.

Several disasters could have had consequent collaterals if not for their hard work and expertise. I (Pierre Martin) would recommend them any time, for their responsiveness and top notch skills.

CTO Consilience Group

We have been working with Mesoform for almost two years. During this time Mesoform have provided us fantastic support in developing the infrastructure for our no-code AI SaaS platform. It's clear they have developed a deep understanding of our needs and have the expertise in cloud infrastructure, DevOps practices and containerization to meet our goals.

Our needs have varied throughout the time we have worked together and Mesoform has always been responsive in providing resources in a timely manner and delivering robust results to schedule. They have been incredibly startup-friendly in this regard.

In summary, I highly recommend Mesoform to any organisation looking to optimise, scale and future-proof their cloud infrastructure

Chief Engineer

Great [team] to build and lead state-of-the-art on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid DevOps teams.

[Including] the skills and experience to run an ultra-high SLA involving watertight operations
with steady partner communications and reporting

Chief Engineer Omnifone

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