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Cloud computing is amazing. It's helped bring us much of the fantastic new apps and technologies we've seen in the last few years but it's also one of the largest challenges in the IT industry today. 


Firstly, learning anything new takes time, and Cloud is a complex beast. Then it needs setting up and maintaining. Both of which can be costly and divert important time from other critical areas. Throw this into a fast-paced industry like IT and the desire to skip things and cut corners is overwhelming.


It's here where the hidden costs of the Cloud sting. The ease of access and pricing structure means that these early decisions and this new way of working results in many aspects like BI, service availability, support, maintenance and security being neglected. Even worse, the entropy this creates, grows with your business and can eventually cripple expansion plans without serious additional investment


Over the last 10+ years the IDC consistently reports high and consistent growth in IT spending. Analysis of these reports estimates companies are still wasting a quarter of their time on IT operations and unplanned work, which further leads to an overspending of many times what it should be. Halving waste and redeploying that human potential by adopting the right technologies and improving management processes, could offer a huge potential for businesses to grow by redirecting resources to focus on adding value instead of operating activities.

Globally this has the potential to be trillions of dollars which companies could be spending on adding value to their business. Our mission is to help companies spend less and money on things which don't add value so that they can invest more on things which do.

Why Choose Us

For more than two decades we have been implementing solutions for this problem in large organisations like HMRC, HSBC and Tiscali (TalkTalk), and further impressing our cloud based IT Operations on well known brands, such as RIMSonySamsung and SiriusXM

This unique exposure allows us to help organisations of any size implement technology in the same way and unshackle restrictions blocking innovation. As a business, we've packaged this expertise to enable companies reliant on technology, to get set-up properly.

In addition to assisting this to be quicker than doing it alone, we help reduce operational expenditure and gain access to business intelligence, most don’t even realise is available. All together, making their business operations more lean and agile, and expedite their market position ahead of the competition.

In 2018, we worked with one of our large financial clients to implement a highly successful pilot programme on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The following year, we lead their engineering effort and helped them to out-perform growth on the platform by x12 their original expectations.

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