Highly Secured Crypto Trading App Database

Creating A Highly Secured Crypto Trading App Database: A Customer Success Story

In this particular project, Mesoform was employed, not only to provide site reliability, cloud and DevOps engineering but a complete technical architecture and technology management over the whole project. Guiding platform engineering, software engineering and DevOps, as well as architecture and UI design, our holistic approach aimed to optimise project performance and functionality in order to deploy a Crypto Trading App for ProTraders.

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The central challenge revolved around ensuring a secure deployment for the backend of a crypto trading app. It was imperative to establish a private database setup with stringent limitations on personal access to prevent unauthorised modifications. Simultaneously, developers needed the freedom to conduct essential debugging queries within the staging database due to the critical nature of the service.

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To tackle this challenge effectively, we devised an innovative solution. We strategically mapped a service account to a designated database user, thereby exerting precise control over access solely through Google Cloud services. Additionally, a specialised cloud function was developed explicitly to execute queries against the database. This function was equipped with robust validation mechanisms, meticulously validating requested queries against operational constraints, notably barring DELETE queries.

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The implementation of this solution was highly successful. Leveraging sophisticated technologies such as IAM policies, VPC Serverless Access Connectors, and Serverless deployments, we engineered a robust system. This system granted exclusive and comprehensive database access to application services while empowering developers with secure access to query non-sensitive tables. This dual-layered approach ensured both stringent database security and operational flexibility, a crucial balance for the app's functionality.

Mesoform's strategic initiatives fortified the backend of the trading app. Employing mapped service accounts, harnessing the capabilities of Google Cloud tools, and implementing meticulous query-validation functions, we achieved exclusive database access for application services while preserving developers' query freedom. The result was a significant enhancement in security measures, streamlined debugging capabilities, and reinforced data integrity, all pivotal for the success and reliability of the trading app's backend system.

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