Securing Crypto Trading App Cloud Infrastructure

Securing Crypto Trading App Infrastructure: A Customer Success Story

In the dynamic world of digital innovation, securing a scalable app deployment remains a formidable challenge. Our recent work for a crypto trading startup mirrors this pursuit: the quest for a robust, lightweight, and highly secure architecture for a trading app. This challenge reflects the industry's demand for fortified security amidst a landscape rife with potential threats. In this particular project, Mesoform was employed, not only to provide site reliability, cloud and DevOps engineering but a complete technical architecture and technology management over the whole project. Guiding platform engineering, software engineering and DevOps, as well as architecture and UI design, our holistic approach aimed to optimise project performance and functionality in order to deploy a Crypto Trading App for a crypto trading startup.


Navigating this terrain demanded innovation and precision. Together, we uncovered a transformative solution employing the best industry practices. Through strategic implementation and meticulous optimisation, we introduced heightened security and unparalleled scalability, enhancing this visionary entity's application.

Uncover the journey that reshaped security protocols, delivering not just protection against threats, but also seamless functionality and adaptable scalability.



The critical requirement was to establish a scalable, lightweight, and highly secure deployment for both the trading app's backend and its web frontend. Given the sensitive nature of the product, paramount importance was placed on fortifying security measures to safeguard against a spectrum of potential attacks.


Our approach centered around enabling Cloud Armor on the load balancers for the services. We leveraged cloud logging and cloud trace functionalities to meticulously identify and refine the security rules. This involved the incorporation of custom rule conditions meticulously designed to thwart any interference with the intended behavior of the applications.



The implementation yielded a harmonious balance between application functionality and security measures. Cloud Armor emerged as a highly effective shield, successfully thwarting malicious requests without impeding the intended operations of the applications.

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Our efforts brought about a transformative shift in the trading app's deployment strategy, ensuring both scalability and heightened security. By strategically implementing Cloud Armor on load balancers and meticulously fine-tuning security rules using cloud logging and trace functionalities, we fortified the defense mechanisms without compromising operational efficiency. The outcome? A seamless fusion of optimal functionality with robust protection against potential threats, thus guaranteeing a resilient and secure app environment.

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