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Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Bringing with them years of experience migrating and running enterprise-grade services on Google Cloud


London, 22nd May 2020 — Mesoform, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a service partner, giving Google Cloud customers approved access to their years of experience, piloting and scaling solutions on Google Cloud.


As a Google Cloud partner, Mesoform offers services in architecture, engineering and organisational DevOps transformations. Mesoform has worked with clients in major industries such as finance, telecoms and government. They provide key benefits and expertise in various areas including:

    • Containerisation
    • Cloud migrations 
    • Automation and infrastructure as code 
    • Monitoring and logging 
    • Data analytics and SIEM
    • Custom coding solutions
    • DevOps best practices 


We’ve spent the last three years working closely with a very large financial client to start their migration journey and expand their growth on Google Cloud. Collaborating with Google Cloud engineers on a number of early adopter programs was a great experience and very productive. So today is a really exciting time for Mesoform, to finally become a direct Google Cloud partner, I’m really looking forward to further projects we can work on together.  - Gareth Brown, Mesoform founder 


If you are looking to begin your Google Cloud journey, or simply to improve how you operate on Google Cloud, Mesoform can help. Reach out to Mesoform at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free consultation.


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Market Guide for Application Platforms

Published: 23 November 2016 ID: G00296227




The application platform market is morphing in response to digital business requirements. As Java EE and other three-tier frameworks, such as ASP.NET, fade in relevance, application leaders must build a strategy to shift to alternative platforms that support cloud-native applications.



Key Findings

  • Commercial Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) platforms' revenue declined in 2015, indicating a clear shift in the application platform market. Digital business initiatives require new features and capabilities in application platforms, and Java EE has failed to keep pace.

  • The market is becoming more diverse as vendors and open-source communities produce innovative and specialized platforms to support modern application requirements.

  • Application platform as a service (aPaaS) revenue is currently less than half of application platform software revenue, but aPaaS is growing at an annual rate of 18.5%, and aPaaS sales will supersede platform software sales by 2023.


Application leaders responsible for modernizing application infrastructure should:

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Since 2010, Optoro has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud-computing provider. We relied on them to supply the horsepower needed to drive our IT resources and applications. However, after some hard analysis, we decided to move away from the AWS and onto our own infrastructure. At a time when so many SaaS’s/IaaS’s/PaaS’s exist, why would we decide to run a data-center’s worth of gear? AWS has been a large drain on our budget at scale, and we wanted a more cost-efficient solution.

About Mesoform

For more than two decades we have been implementing solutions to wasteful processes and inefficient systems in large organisations like TiscaliHSBC and HMRC, and impressing our cloud based IT Operations on well known brands, such as RIMSonySamsung and SiriusXM... Read more

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